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Ways You Can Get Pregnant – How Kissing Can Help You Get Pregnant

Ways You Can Get Pregnant – some serious kissing not only can improve your physical health but also your mental state of being.

Ways You Can Get Pregnant – Playful, platonic, passionate, or parental, kisses transmit a surprising amount of information. In fact, they even play an evolutionary role in fertility. In spite of the old song, it turns out that a kiss is almost never “just a kiss.”

In the art and science of romance, there’s nothing more powerful than a kiss. There’s also little question that when a couple is trying to start a family, too often that kiss becomes secondary  to ovulation cycles, egg dropping, and sperm counts. But that passionate make-out session you’re skipping may actually be one very important step in the process of conceiving a child.

Most couples know that stress can have a negative impact on fertility, but what they may not know is that kissing may help to relieve stress among couples. Research has shown that infertile couples have higher anxiety and depression levels, and that emotional distress is associated with difficulty in conceiving.

The good news is that kissing is an all-natural stress reliever which can help. Relaxing and cuddling, especialy with intimacy can enhance fertility. A kiss on the lips can actually trigger a rush of chemicals to be released by the brain which are known as “feel good” chemicals (dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine).

“A more moist kiss may signal to a male that the female is sexually receptive. Or, males may simply require greater salivary exchange to facilitate assessments of female fertility,” explains Susan Hughes, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Breath odor and saliva may provide clues to a woman’s fertility. The rise in estrogen that occurs near the onset of menstruation triggers the shedding of body cells, and an increase in sulfur compounds in the mouth, each of which could cause unpleasant odors, Hughes explains. “Furthermore, females produce certain distinctive yet odorless molecules in saliva while ovulating that might be detected by males during kissing.” And male saliva contains measurable amounts of testosterone, which can affect libido. In other words, a kiss may “transmit[s] a sumptuous supply of data ranging from health, fertility, and commitment to sexual receptivity” as senior author Gallup told the Albany Times Union.

Kissing seems to have some general health benefits as well. It can relieve headaches, lower blood pressure, make skin glow and helps to put you in a state of contentment.

Ways You Can Get Pregnant – So, not only can kissing help to improve your physical health, but it can help to improve your state of mind which may in turn help you to get pregnant more easily.

And let’s not forget, it’s fun!!

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