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Difficulty In Getting Pregnant – How To Overcome Problems Conceiving

Difficulty In Getting Pregnant – After the wedding ceremony, most couple especially the woman is usually jumping into expectation of getting pregnant soon.

Difficulty In Getting Pregnant – However, with so much going on in our lives today, some women are not fortunate and seem to find that they experience some difficulty in getting pregnant.

You and your partner have been trying to conceive for a while now — without success. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone.

In fact, there are many other women out there just like you who are also experience difficulty in getting pregnant. There are quite a few common causes for infertility which can be present in both the male and female. Infertility affects 7.3 million couples in the United States.

Now what?

Having difficulties in getting pregnant is really worrying to some women. It is exactly similar to gambling and giving all their aces with the hope of winning the jackpot. This in turn could result in increase anxiety not to the woman only but also the partner as well. Both would feel stressed as they strive to make a baby and have no idea what is the probable causes?

It is important if you have concerns about your fertility to talk to your healthcare provider right away.

In addition, learning all you can about fertility issues will help you better understand any fertility testing and treatments you may need.

Female Infertility

The common causes of female infertility can range from mild and curable ones to severe and incurable ones, causing many women to experience emotional breakdowns.

Irregular Ovulation – The three factors previously mentioned cause irregular ovulation. Studies indicate that several women despite having their monthly periods do not essentially ovulate regularly. This in turn could cause trouble to a woman to get pregnant.

To determine if this is what’s causing your difficulty in getting pregnant, there are various home test kits that you can purchase over the counter from your local pharmacies. These tests are pretty simple and you can repeat them if you like. Of course if you’re doubtful, you could always pay a visit to your gynecologist and get things sorted out by a professional.

Anatomical problems – The fallopian tubes and the uterus might be blocked by a forming cyst hence hampering the meeting of the sperm and the egg or fertilization is not possible.

It’s rare for women to experience symptoms for this but sometimes you can tell when you have sudden pains in your lower abdomen and unusual vaginal discharge. If the problem is detected early, it can easily be cured with a simple medical procedure, so it’s always best that you go for regular checkups with your gynecologist.

Miscarriage – This is apparently a shocking experience for a female who was impregnated due to an accident and a few reasons that caused the miscarriage. After a woman has suffered miscarriage, she is possible to undergo hormonal imbalances.

Uterine Fibroids – also known as myoma or fibroma. What is it? It’s a non-cancerous type of tumor that comes from the smooth muscle layer and the connective tissues in the uterus. It’s quite common during the middle and late years of the female reproduction years, so when you’ve hit this age category it is best that you be on the lookout when you realize that you’re experiencing difficulty in getting pregnant. Most fibroids are actually asymptomatic but if not taken care immediately, it can multiply and cause painful intercourse, uneven and painful menstruation and frequent visits to the lavatory. About 40% of women would experience this at some point of their lives, but only a handful would require treatment.

Male Infertility

Females aren’t always the ones who contribute to the inability for the couple to conceive because conception requires both male and female to be at their healthiest stage. There are a handful of causes of male infertility; among them would be:

Low sperm count – The leading factor of male infertility. Scientifically referred to as Oligozoospermia, this occurs when the male has less than 20 million spermatozoa per one milliliter of ejaculation. It can usually be measured in the doctor’s office so females aren’t the only ones who require checkups. Low sperm counts can generally be treated with lifestyle changes such as a balance diet, regular exercise, elimination of drugs, alcohol and nicotine, avoidance of saunas, tight clothing and so on. If the condition still persist then maybe a more medical approach would be necessary.

Undescended testicle – is another contributing cause towards male infertility. It’s a pretty common genital abnormality in boys where the testicle doesn’t descend on its own during the development process in the mother’s womb. In most cases, if it’s not descended by birth, it will naturally descend during the first six months of the baby’s life. If it doesn’t then immediate treatment is required and if it progresses into adult life, the male would be unable to produce spermatozoa for fertility purposes because his testicles would be damaged and no longer useable.  There are no proper treatments for this in adult life so the next best option for a child would be to look into adoption.

Retrograde Ejaculation – If you’ve not heard of retrograde ejaculation, then it’s about time you learn about it now because this too can be part of the cause of your spouse not getting pregnant. When semen that is usually ejaculated through the urethra is instead directed to the urinary bladder, then you know that you’re suffering from retrograde ejaculation. The main cause of this is that the bladder sphincter isn’t doing its job properly, it’s not a life threat or anything but it’s a high contributing factor to male infertility. You know you’ve got it when you start experiencing dry orgasms.

If you want to make sure you’re able to get pregnant and start a healthy family, you should avoid all factors that increase risk of fertility or take proper action to make sure that you can reproduce. Some of those factors are old age, the consumption of drugs, alcohol and nicotine in excess, uncontrolled stress and regular health problems. So stay healthy and always be aware of what you’re consuming so that you can control your substance intake. After all, you don’t want to have difficulty getting pregnant, so take care of your health and make it your top priority.

Drug and abuse of alcohol – Drug addiction is possible to cause problems in conception. For instance, marijuana suppresses production of hormone that is an important factor to become pregnant. One the other hand, alcohol primarily affects the functions of the organs for reproduction.

Stress – Chronic stress could lead to mental and physical afflictions. Whenever the woman is stressed, usually, she would have trouble in sleeping and might get depressed that will cause irregularities in hormone production, and also a reduction in their normal levels.

Difficulty In Getting Pregnant or infertility could occur to both women and men and it is believed as the most horrible cause of failure to conceive. After knowing the aforementioned causes that are all adjustable and manageable, women are expected to live a healthy lifestyle if they really desire to conceive a child. If you follow these pointers then you should have less difficulty in getting pregnant.

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